3D Printed AGM MP40 Hop-Unit.
3D Printed AGM MP40 Hop-Unit. 3D Printed AGM MP40 Hop-Unit.

3D Printed AGM MP40 Hop-Unit.

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3D Printed AGM MP40 Hop-Unit.



Hop arm and slider.


For use with AEG one peice barrel.

Replacement Hop-Up chamber for AGM MP40 (MP007).  Selectable colours.
This is a common hop-up chamber, designed for common AEG barrels, buckings and nubs, fits stock MP40 gearbox parts with the bucking and the barrel of your choice. The print includes all parts which are adjusted in size to fit properly as a whole new chamber. 
Also, it includes a new union part which deletes the little game or wooble between parts, which causes loss of power and misfunctions.
The inner barrel lenght should be under 270mm.
Tested on model, good performance. Good hop effect and no issues between BBs and bucking. Redone model, bigger and stronger dial lever, corrected bore and nub seat. Now it includes the union part, which usually gets broken. (24/09/2020)
Chips or marks from printing can be present, which should be removed before mounting. Use cutting pliers to separate parts and a sharp modelling knife to leave the surfaces flat. Be specially careful to check the inside. Finish the bores, firstly with 6,5mm and 10mm drill bits. Use vaseline for assembly. Cuts may be painted with permanent marker of the chosen colour.


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