Abbey Brut Sniper Gas 300gm (New Bottle)

Abbey Brut Sniper Gas 300gm (New Bottle)

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Abbey Brut Sniper Gas 700ml (New Bottle)

If you are a serious sniper you need the quality and reliability of

ALL NEW Abbey Brut Sniper Gas.
Most normal gases are lubricated. This wets the hop-up and you need to apply more pressure which in turn slows the BB. The slowing of the BB and the reduced hop-up leads to less accuracy and poor performance.
Using Abbey Brut Sniper Gas does not wet the hop-up. Its dry formulation keeps the hop-up in perfect condition for rapid fire on full auto. It’s blend of carefully selected gases produces maximum power for perfect shooting.
When using Abbey Brut Sniper Gas you can reduce the pressure of the hop-up to increase muzzle velocity. But you still produce maximum back spin. Greater back spin gives a flatter trajectory. A flatter trajectory produces greater accuracy and more enemy kills.
Because you are not wetting the hop-up, your weapons will perform as well at the end of the weekend as at the beginning.


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