Airsoft International Magazine Volume 12 Issue 08

Airsoft International Magazine Volume 12 Issue 08

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 Airsoft International Magazine Volume 12 Issue 08

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Contents – Volume 12 Issue 7

9 – Foreword – There’s no place for politics in airsoft and the Editor thinks we should leave all that at home, what do you think?

12-15 – Photo Spotlight – Syfer Photography graces the cover and a double spread of Ai the month. Check out the cracking images inside.

16 – Local Load Outs – Our long standing feature has returned this month with another reader’s load out. Check out what’s in use!

22-29 – Ai500 Op: Lockdown: The Ai500 hardcore hit up former HMP: Blundeston for the most intense game we have ever run.

32-33 – NEW GEAR FROM PTS – PTS hammer out even more amazing new, fully-licensed products this month

34-35 – Team Wendy Helmet Review – Jacob has upgraded his headgear this month and he’s gone for Team Wendy. Find out why.

36-38 – Franchi SPAS-12 by ASG – Budget friendly raptor blasting is easy with this new release from ASG. Clever Girl!

40-45 – Ghost: Remastered – Call Of Duty gets and overhaul so we do the same with one of our favourite load outs from this vital series of shooter games.

48-49 – Low Riders – A selection of the best “dangler” abdominal pouches reviewed for you to add to your carrier or chest rig.

50 – LiPo Ready? – You often hear the term, but what does it mean? Make sure your gun and YOU are truly LiPo ready.

52-55 – AI AW .308 Sniper Rifle – How good can a gas powered sniper rifle for under £130 really be? Find out here…

58-59 – Urban Discipline – In the wake of the Ai500, S23 takes a look at what it takes to make a team work in a large game.

62-63 – Bespoke Airsoft – Phil B. checks out a new airsoft custom shop in the Midlands. they might just have something made for you.

64 – ASG Precision Ammunition – Dave Walls of Accuracy International endorses this industry-first new BB product

66-67 – SPEED RELOAD! – A small selection of our favourite rapid reload magazine pouches.

70-71 – FIRING POINT – We discuss wether a lower FPS limit would really make or break the game as we know it.

75-80 – 7 Deadly Sins  – 7 Major mistakes noobs make. Make sure you are squared away and don’t fall foul!

86 – Reader’s Letters – Have your say and send in your letters… Obviously you can email them in in this day and age!


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