Airsoft International Magazine Volume 13 Issue 13

Airsoft International Magazine Volume 13 Issue 13

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 Airsoft International Magazine Volume 13 Issue 13 Product Description


9          Foreword – Find out what you can expect to find in this jam packed issue and also what’s new in the Airsoft world

12-13   Warq take Skirmish field helmets to the next level

14        On the rails with Nuprols BOCCAsystems

16-17   Jacob Miller talks to Viper Tactical’s “Point Man” Gavin Sneddon

22-23   It’s that time of year again. We go live with our Industry awards – your vote counts

26-29   “As slick as you’d like” – We continue to take a look at a cross section of “Slick” Plate  Carriers, there’s one to fit every budget

31-33   Dave Porter gets to know Nuprols Delta Series SOPMOD

34        Myth Buster BB weights and velocity

36-37   Lock and Load Functional and effective load carrying systems

40-50   GEAR UP! – Task Force Black SAS in Iraq

52-53    Safety Gear for under £20.00

57-58   Crye-ing out for help part III – Big brand prices too much for you to swallow? Well we might  have found some precision alternatives.

60-61   Richie Mitchell continues his column with a look at some off the peg clothing that’s readily available to the larger than average airsofter

63-65   Pistol on Test – ASG’s CZ P-09

67        Hydrate the Viper Tactical way – Budget busting Hydration systems that every player can       afford.

68-70   Jason Green takes a look at an old favourite G&P Colt M4

72-73   Phil B visits Fireball Squadron

75-78   The Devils in the detail – Built your very own Recoil SPR

81-83   Dave Porter takes a look at a “Master Class in Frags and smoke”  Enola Gaye

85        Wiley X Round up

86-87   Jacob Miller carries on with his look into you and the law

88-89   SUBSCRIPTIONS – Take advantage of some great deals from your favourite Airsoft magazine

90        NEXT ISSUE Take a sneak peek at the contents of the next issue


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