Airsoft International Magazine Volume 13 Issue 4

Airsoft International Magazine Volume 13 Issue 4

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 Airsoft International Magazine Volume 13 Issue 4


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CONTENTS Volume 13 Issue 4

9 – Foreword – the Editor picks up another hot topic and passes comment. Do you agree? You can always get in touch on
12-15 – Photo Spotlight – Ryan Sabad graces our dedicated gallery with some amazing, inspirational images this month.

16-17 – Real readers, real players, real kit. You can be part of the long standing Local Load Outs feature, just drop us a line!

22-25 – Combat Action Games – A family oriented, friendly site smack bang in the middle of Norfolk!

26-27 – Ai500: Unfinished Business – Find out all you need to know about our upcoming event here.

28-29 – Of Masks and Men – Protective face wear is now a popular choice but it wasn’t always the way. What changed?

32-35 – Classic Army M870 Tactical – A spring shotgun with a real sting in its tail, all for just over £100.

36-37 – SERPA Holsters, a brief history – A very popular but very controversial holster. Find out about the drama.

38 – Z-Tactical CT5 PTT – An all in one PTT solution that will get your tactical comms up to scratch.

40-47 – RUSSIAN KIT – 6 months on and we have finally assembled a full Russian kit and got it out on the field!

50-53 – Real Sword SVD AEG – Probably the finest electric DMR that money can buy. Check it out now!

54-55 – Soldier Skills – More tips to make you a better player. Take as much or as little as you want!

58-59 – Kill or be killed – OK, airsoft isn’t life and death but it makes a difference how you play the game.

62 – ESSTAC Kywi Mag Pouches – Finally a solid solution for those tricky ASG EVO magazines.

63 – ASG Digital Changer – Get your batteries juiced up for optimum performance with this versatile battery charging station.

64-65 – Viper tactical Essentials – On a budget? Viper Tactical’s latest kit is the only stuff you will need to look at.

66-67 – This is my rifle… – Jacob takes us on the grand tour of his personally configured BB blaster and explains his choices.

70-71 – First Tactical – A new brand on the scene with great products available through Military 1st

75-78 – Stroke of genius – Short stroke your AEG to push performance into overdrive.

79 – FUG Life – Enola Gaye’s all new gloves form part of their growing apparel line

82-83 – Gerber Gear – An exclusive look at Gerber’s new highly affordable SharkBelly folding knife

86 – TAG Innovations – A new breed of advanced, realistic simulation grenades for fragging out your foes.


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