Airsoft International Magazine Volume 13 Issue 8

Airsoft International Magazine Volume 13 Issue 8

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Airsoft International Magazine Volume 13 Issue 8


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Vol 13 Iss 8 – Contents

12-15 – Photo Spotlight – Here’s a recap of some of our favourite in action pictures from recent years.

22-23 – ICS On Site! – ICS guns have arrived at JD Airsoft, find out about the new MARS range.

26-29 – Stocking Fillers – Top gifts and goodies for well under £100 quid

30-31 – First Tactical – All new Defender Pants packed with features

32-35 Recoil Roundup – Which is the best Tokyo Marui Recoil Shock gun? Find out here

36-37 – Fully Loaded! – We walk you through and advise on what to pack for a full weekender game

40-45 – Featured! – Readers top Three! Your favourite Kit Up photoshoots from the last decade

46-47 – UKAPA – Phil B reaches out and gets an update on UKAPU

50-52 ASG MK23 – The silent assassin, one of airsoft’s favourite player pistols

53-55 – Vortex Sights – VIP lietime warranty and real steel quality

58-59 – Soldier Skills – Work as a team to be more effective on the field

63-70 – Wet and Wild – Gear up to battle the elements this winter

75-79 – MP5 Alive – Resurrect your tired old MP5 with this takedown guide

82-83 – LMT Defender – find out what extras you get fr yourmoney with this ASG AEG

86-87 – Gear Frenzy – Jacob picks up some gucci gear and gives it a review

90 – Monster Mosfets – Reader’s questions about MOSFETs and ECUs


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