Airsoft International Magazine Volume 14 Issue 07

Airsoft International Magazine Volume 14 Issue 07

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Airsoft International Vol 14 Issue 7 – Sniper Season
“I thought to myself, this is great. I love this. It’s nerve-wracking and exciting and I love it”. How many of you have thought this while sitting amongst the trees or foliage waiting for your prey to step into the line of fire!! You must be a Sniper!  And if you’re not but thought about it then this issue is the one for you, our gear up section is featured especially for you and we even have a review on Thomas Jacks affordable night vision.  Our hardware this issue is the Umarex branded ARES HK G36, the iconic CM.032 wood and the SIG 552 Commando.  Our pistol review sponsored by Zero One this issue is the P226 from Tokyo Marui and along with our usual Plate Carriers, High Speed, Tried and Tested, Head to Head, Devil in the Detail and Airsoft first aid we have an article on product placement and how to get the best out of your loadout.  We hope you enjoy this issue of AI, on sale now from all good Airsoft retailers and newstrade outlets or direct from us here at  Available from 25th October 2018. 
Product Description
9            Foreword – Find out what you can expect to find in this jam-packed issue and also what’s new in the Airsoft world
13-15    Lets shed some gear and go “High-Speed low Drag” with Warrior Assault Systems
16-17    Gallery – See if you can spot yourself in our popular gallery
22/23  The right tools in the right place for the right job – We talk you through the correct way to load up your chest rig, plate carrier and belt order
26-29 “As slick as you’d Like” – We continue to take a look at a cross-section of “Slick” Plate     Carriers – there’s one to fit every budget
31-34 Jason Green spends some time with the beast that is the Cm.032 M14 wood effect.
36-37  Tried and Tested We try before you buy
40-47  GEAR UP! – For Sniper season
51-53    Dave Porter tries on some affordable night vision
54-56    Dave Porter strays from the “Norm” and test drives a Umarex branded Ares HK G36.
60-61    Head to Head we take the best products in the business and put them head to head to see what’s the best
63-66    Our new Zero One Airsoft Sponsored pistol feature – Dave Porter reviews TOKYO MARUI P226
68-70    SIG 552 Commando – Another Day, Another M4…
72-73     On-Screen Impressions – American Sniper
75-79     Devil’s in the Detail- Jason Green takes you through the steps to turn an M14        SOPMOD into a DMR
81-83    The Hidden Dangers of Airsoft
85-87    Inside UK Tactical Every Operators fantasy come true
88-89    Subscribe to your Favorite Airsoft Magazine
90          NEXT ISSUE Take a sneak peek at the contents of the next issue


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