Airsoft International Magazine Volume 14 Issue 7

Airsoft International Magazine Volume 14 Issue 7

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9            Foreword – Find out what you can expect to find in this jam-packed issue and also what’s new in the Airsoft world

13-15    Lets shed some gear and go “High-Speed low Drag” with Warrior Assault Systems

16-17    Gallery – See if you can spot yourself in our popular gallery

22/23  The right tools in the right place for the right job – We talk you through the correct way to load up your chest rig, plate carrier and belt order
26-29 “As slick as you’d Like” – We continue to take a look at a cross-section of “Slick” Plate     Carriers – there’s one to fit every budget

31-34 Jason Green spends some time with the beast that is the Cm.032 M14 wood effect.

36-37  Tried and Tested We try before you buy

40-47  GEAR UP! – For Sniper season

51-53    Dave Porter tries on some affordable night vision

54-56    Dave Porter strays from the “Norm” and test drives a Umarex branded Ares HK G36.

60-61    Head to Head we take the best products in the business and put them head to head to see what’s the best

63-66    Our new Zero One Airsoft Sponsored pistol feature – Dave Porter reviews TOKYO MARUI P226

68-70    SIG 552 Commando – Another Day, Another M4…

72-73     On-Screen Impressions – American Sniper

75-79     Devil’s in the Detail- Jason Green takes you through the steps to turn an M14        SOPMOD into a DMR

81-83    The Hidden Dangers of Airsoft

85-87    Inside UK Tactical Every Operators fantasy come true

88-89    Subscribe to your Favorite Airsoft Magazine

90          NEXT ISSUE Take a sneak peek at the contents of the next issue


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