Airsoft International Magazine Volume 15 Issue 08

Airsoft International Magazine Volume 15 Issue 08

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9                 What’s on the cover

12              Vipers Scrote Pouch

14-15        Tools of the Trade AOR1 and 2

6-19           Gallery Your pictures from around the community

22/23         News What’s hot in the industry

26              ANA Tactical Boresa Jacket

30              Highlander Lewis Tec-Loft Jacket

32/33         All things ACOG

36-37         UF Pro Striker Pants   

40-47        Gear up with us- This month its Ranger Green

49-51        Its Ics’s MX5 time!

54-58        Noveske 10.5 Gen 4 Shorty

60-62        Marui’s FN 57

65-68        The DMR Project part 1

71-73         Lowa Zephya GTX Mids

75-79         The Good Gig Guides- the most up to date and compressive UK Airsoft Site listing yet

81-83        Venture Gear Eye Pro

85              Sig Sauer Proforce P320 M17

87              Karrimor SF Odin 75

88-89        Subscribe to your Favourite Airsoft Magazine

94              NEXT ISSUE Take a sneak peek at the contents of the next issue


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