Airsoft Pro Hop up unit for Well MB-01,04,05,06,08,13,14 - Gen.3
Airsoft Pro Hop up unit for Well MB-01,04,05,06,08,13,14 - Gen.3 Airsoft Pro Hop up unit for Well MB-01,04,05,06,08,13,14 - Gen.3

Airsoft Pro Hop up unit for Well MB-01,04,05,06,08,13,14 - Gen.3

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Airsoft Pro Hop up unit for Well MB-01,04,05,06,08,13,14 - Gen.3.

Third generation of the popular high precision hop-up unit (compatible models below) replacing the original WELL. In comparison with the basic WELL chamber, the AirsoftPro model offers a considerable number of advantages.
First of all, it provides very good sealing and high quality, ie. high potential for boosting the performance. Next, the chamber offers the possibility of using original Well barrels and buckings and also AEG barrels and buckings. The user can decide which type of the barrel to use. This is an advantage, because the market offers a wide range of various brands of barrels and buckings, so the customer may choose according to his needs.
The AEG Adaptor is specially molded to minimize air loss and to provide the best sealing. In our test, the muzzle velocity has increased by 7 m/s only after replacing the stock chamber by the AirsoftPro gen. 3. The test was done on a WELL MB-08 (130 m/s vs 137 m/s).
CNC production of aluminum alloy (Dural) 6061- T6 with red anodized finish.
The pressure arm is now manufactured on CNC machines and equipped with a push spring for a more reliable function.
Two rubber pads between the chamber and the cylinder head reduce barrel vibrations and improve accuracy.
The centering ring for precision barrel guide with a groove for easy assembly / disassembly.
Compatible with the original Well barrels and Hop-Up buckings. Does not require any modifications.
It is also possible to use the supplied AEG adaptor with a standard AEG barrel and bucking with better sealing than the previous o-ring.
The chamber includes a steel regulating ring. The Hop-Up adjustment is therefore the same as the original Well one.
The thread in the upper part of the chamber for possible screwing of the TDC device.
The chamber is compatible with the following guns: Well MB01, MB04, MB05, MB06, MB08, MB13, MB14, G21, G22, ASG AW308 L96, Maruzen L96.
Easy installation within 10 minutes.
Optimal barrel length is 499-500mm.
We recommend to use a harder, not silicone Hop-Up bucking. Our favourite is for example Guarder - black.
The weight of the complete chamber is 36 grams.
CNC HopUp Chamber Gen.3
AEG Adaptor
Centering ring
Pressure arm push spring
Steel regulation ring
Mounting screw
Two Hop-Up pressure roller nubs (diameter 3 and 3,5mm)


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