Airsoft Pro M170-S Spring for Sniper Rifles

Airsoft Pro M170-S Spring for Sniper Rifles

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Airsoft pro M170-S spring for sniper rifles. 

Spring for airsoft sniper rifles. The most important part in the rifle, which affect power and shooting range. This spring is made of the best commong spring wire VDSiCr, OTEVA 70 SC, 33g. Surface is protected by phosphating and by Wurth conservation.
Outer diameter of this spring is 12,9mm, inner diameter is 9mm. Length is 235mm. Can fit into length max 85mm.
Before buy please check your piston if this spring fit insde. Common plastic  pistons has smaller diameter. This spring is designed for reinforced pistons with the 13mm inner hole !!! . Spring is not suitable for spring action SVD rifle.


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