AirsoftPro TDC Hop-Up Adjuster for 30mm Outer Barrels.
AirsoftPro TDC Hop-Up Adjuster for 30mm Outer Barrels. AirsoftPro TDC Hop-Up Adjuster for 30mm Outer Barrels.

AirsoftPro TDC Hop-Up Adjuster for 30mm Outer Barrels.

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AirsoftPro TDC Hop-Up Adjuster for 30mm Outer Barrels. 

TDC stands for "Top Dead Center". A term that is used with engines and expresses the position when the piston in the cylinder is in its maximum (highest) position. In airsoft, this refers to a device that is able to press continuously (usually by means of an adjusting screw) on top of the Hop-Up chamber arm. To form its upper limit (TDC) without unwanted will. In addition, the control is more sensitive, smoother and usually with a larger range than with conventional lever control.
AirsoftPro TDC is a simple device suitable for a wide range of airsoft sniper rifles. By turning the ring, it adjusts the pressure of the chamber arm and adjust BB trajectory. It adjust Hop-Up. The device provides the user with greater accuracy and comfort than adjusting with a screw or lever. There are two types on offer, which differ in length, location of the fixing screw and the lower arch for different barrel diameters. See table below.
TDC device is made of aluminum alloy on precision CNC machines. Has two main parts. Base and a control ring. It is placed on top of the outer barrel. Just above the Hop-Up chamber. The low profile does not interfere with large riflescopes. TDC is not primarily supported by weapon manufacturers and cannot simply be attached and bolted. During installation, it is therefore necessary to partially disassemble the barrel, measure the position of the chamber arm and drill a hole in the outer barrel exactly from the above. The adjusting screw of the TDC device passes through this hole. By turning it, its length changes and it raises or lowers the chamber arm.
In most cases, the TDC must be glued on the top of the barrel with the super glue. The package includes an M3x10 screw, which can be used to screw the device to the chamber via the barrel. This screwing is logically better than gluing, however, only a few original chambers have a threaded hole. A typical example is the chamber for MB01/04/05/06/08/13 Well. The newer AirsoftPro chambers also have this thread on their upper side and are compatible with TDC.
Spirit level is not only for more accurate installation of the device, but is also suitable for shooting. Tilting the weapon to the left or right will cause the bullet to bend and therefore less accurate. A glance at the spirit level can correct this mistake.
Full metal construction
Original design
Made on precision CNC machining
Rounded edges to avoid getting caught of the gear
Sensitive regulation (1 full turn = stroke 0.5 mm)
Locking the position of the adjusting ring - 26 positions per turn. One position has stroke 0.02 mm.
Built-in spirit level
Able to screw to some chambers
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