Airtech BSU B. Stabilizer Unit (AM014)
Airtech BSU B. Stabilizer Unit (AM014) Airtech BSU B. Stabilizer Unit (AM014)

Airtech BSU B. Stabilizer Unit (AM014)

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Airtech BSU B. Stabilizer Unit (AM014) 

Looking to improve your shot grouping and consistency instantly? This is one of the easiest yet most effective upgrades you can get for your gun!
The AM-014 BSU™ Barrel Stabilizer Unit is designed to lock down the guns inner barrel to prevent any vibrational movement at the muzzle which causes major inconsistencies to your shots over long distances.
Once installed, your Honey Badger performance will noticeably shoot straighter and further with a proven improvement to your groupings. In addition, your AM-014 will immediately operate more silently as the stabilizer closes the hollow void inside suppressor which created echoes during your shots.
Perfected centered inner barrel
Prevents your inner barrel from swaying before the BB exits
No vibration on the inner barrel means that the hop-up spin on the BB will no longer be affected as there is less of a chance of it bouncing inside the barrel before its exits
The BSU™ is a simple, yet highly effective drop-in upgrade to the AM-014 designed to be easily installed by yourself. This is a critical upgrade to make your shots count!


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