ASG BET Tracer Unit B&T (14mm or 11mm CCW)
ASG BET Tracer Unit B&T (14mm or 11mm CCW) ASG BET Tracer Unit B&T (14mm or 11mm CCW)

ASG BET Tracer Unit B&T (14mm or 11mm CCW)

Reference: ASG-19717
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ASG BET Tracer Unit B&T (14mm or 11mm CCW) 

Blaze away in CQB and night games with this fantastic compact USB charged tracer unit. Able to illuminate both red and green tracer with no adjustment required this fully licensed B&T airsoft tracer unit takes the form of a mock suppressor barrel extension tube.
The sleek full metal outer shell protects a high quality tracer unit that can light up to 30,000 Blaster Tracer BBs on a single charge with its high power charge. Simply unscrew the end cap to reveal a USB C charging point and you can see at a glance the charge status of the tracer unit with its red and green LED. The power indicator LED will light up green when the device is switched on, red when it is on off mode and flash red with a low power alert when it requires charging. To save power this tracer unit will also go into standby mode when not used for 45 minutes. Activating the unit is simplicity itself with the single button control.
This high power unit is able to work with even the fastest firing airsoft replicas and is able to light up every shot from replicas with a rate of fire as high as 35 rounds per second.
Suitable for replicas with either 14mm or 11mm CCW threads and an adaptor is provided.
Illuminates both Red and Green tracer
Up to 30,000 shots off one charge
Power indicator LED with low power alert
USB type c charge
Auto power off after 45 mins
Works with high ROF guns of 35rps
Simple single button control.


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