ASG M15 DEVIL SPR 14.5 KEYMOD AEG Airsoft Rifle.

ASG M15 DEVIL SPR 14.5 KEYMOD AEG Airsoft Rifle.

Reference: ASG-19006
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ASG M15 DEVIL SPR 14.5 KEYMOD AEG Airsoft Rifle. 

Full-sized adaptive rifle with KeyMod.
Introducing the DEVIL series AEG. This new Proline airsoft gun is a breath of fresh air in the crowd of conventional looking M4s flooding the ranges. 
Many subtle design details sets the DEVIL AEGs apart from a standard M4. The sturdy upper receiver displays an angular shape providing a more modern look. The sleek ergonomic pistol grip has a palm swell and a textured surface for better grip. 
Internally is where the DEVIL series, really stands out. MIM gears running in 8mm bearings, metal cylinder and piston head. A piston with metal teeth and a quick-change spring guide w. bearing, that accessible by easily removing the stock tube. Finished off with low-resistance silver wiring for optimized conductivity to ensure the DEVIL series delivers one HELL of an experience.
Keymod is a universal interface system for firearm accessories. It provides a sleek lightweight front end, onto which, equipment can be mounted directly if they are keymod compliant or where 21mm rail sections can be attached for mounting tactical accessories via conventional means.
Single shot and full auto fire modes.
Adjustable Hop unit.
Rear wired with mini Tamiya connector.
Includes M4/M16 300 round Hi-Cap magazine.
Battery: (Type 03) or (Type 04) Not (Included)

  • Aggressive looking flash suppressor rebar cutter flash-hider
  • Full stock with battery compartment
  • Lighter weight front end with comfortable grip
  • Octagonal design allows more accessories and optimized placement
  • Three rails included, each securely mounted with 3 lock pins
  • Quick-change spring guide w. bearing, accessible by removing the stock tube.
  • Removable Foldable front and rear sights
  • Front sight foldable and protected when folded down, adjustable for elevation
  • Rear peep sight foldable and easily adjustable for windage and elevation
  • Piston with metal teeth
  • Charging handle with simulated bolt action
  • Silver wiring
  • Metal piston head
  • Metal cylinder head
  • 8mm bearings
  • MIM gears
  • Beefed-up upper receiver with modern angular design

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