ASG Spring Dragunov SVD-S Sniper Rifle (Black)
ASG Spring Dragunov SVD-S Sniper Rifle (Black) ASG Spring Dragunov SVD-S Sniper Rifle (Black)

ASG Spring Dragunov SVD-S Sniper Rifle (Black)

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ASG Dragunov Spring SVD-S, Black.

The Dragunov SVD-S spring loaded sniper rifle, licensed by Concern Izhmash, Russia, the original manufacturer of the legendary SVD.
Modeled after the compact variant of the SVD designed for airborne infantry and introduced in 1990, known as the SVDS (short for Snayperskaya Vintovka Dragunova Skladnaya, "Dragunov Sniper Rifle with folding stock"), it features a tubular metal stock that folds to the right side of the receiver. The barrel has a heavy profile, the receiver housing is strengthened, and a ported, conical flash hider installed. 
The Dragunov SVD-S has a highly authentic look and feel, and a re-designed durable Hop-Up that is very easy to adjust. The slightly longer stock and new pistol grip, along with an adjustable cheek rest that can be folded out of the way for better aiming while wearing a mask, gives a more comfortable handling of the rifle. A folding stock and shorter barrel makes it easy to transport and move around the playing field, giving you an compact yet accurate precision rifle. 
Mounting rail on the side for a scope mount ref # 16347, makes it straightforward to mount a scope of your choice.
The Dragunov SVD-S probably has the strongest built inner structure of any airsoftgun, along with an easy and simple disassemble, allowing for a more powerful spring to be installed with ease. The Dragunov SVD-S is delivered with a M95 spring installed as standard, a M120 spring is included in the box and can be installed, giving you an very powerful compact sniper rifle. 
Very authentic look, feel and weight.
Durable easily adjustable Hop-Up.
Heavy duty folding stock.
Fold-away cheek rest.
High-cap magazine.
Comfortable pistol grip.
M120 spring included.

  • Length:850/1100mm/inch
  • Barrel length:550mm/inch
  • Mag Capacity:200 rounds
  • Standard Mag.:17174
  • Hop Up Type:Adjustable
  • Velocity:95(312)ms/fps
  • Weight:3500g

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