ASG Steyr L9-A2. (Black) CO2 GBB Pistol.
ASG Steyr L9-A2. (Black) CO2 GBB Pistol. ASG Steyr L9-A2. (Black) CO2 GBB Pistol.

ASG Steyr L9-A2. (Black) CO2 GBB Pistol.

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ASG Steyr L9-A2. (Black) CO2 GBB Pistol.

The Steyr L9-A2 airsoft pistol takes the robust, aggressive styling and design of the 9mm real steel version and replicates it to a perfection – demanding your attention instantly.
With a distinct military feel and matte black finish, the L9-A2 is an attractive proposition for Milsim enthusiasts that want a tactical sidearm with well-thought-out ergonomics and accuracy to match.
When it comes to mounting add-ons, the L9-A2 pistol has an underslung full picatinny rail at the front, for attachments such as a laser or flashlight, upping its already excellent CQB capabilities.
The polymer frame provides a lightweight and balanced configuration, while the improved, slightly bowed, textured-grip panels and extended beaver tail improve grip and control.
When it comes to performance, the L9 can be powered by gas or CO2, has an adjustable hop-up, and provides excellent shooting performance while keeping the power at a comfortable 0.8J, allowing it to be used at practically any site.
The Steyr L9 A2 pistol comes into its own as a primary CQB weapon or as a sidearm option in a loadout. Veteran airsofters will appreciate the combination of its looks, ergonomics, close quarters shooting accuracy and ranged shooting that very much that belies its ‘pistol’ classification.
Adjustable hop-up
Extended beaver tail
Trapezoid sights
Underside full picatinny rail
Polymer frame
Metal slide
Safety trigger
Heavily textured grip panels
Interchangeable grip panels and backstraps
22-round magazine capacity
Gas or CO2 powered.
Seen as the next step in Steyr’s continued evolution of its semi-automatic pistol range, the fourth-generation real steel Steyr L9-A2 was introduced in 2019 and features a polymer frame and steel slide and was designed with the intention of it having some modular capability.
Industry commentators and consumers alike have praised the pistol’s robust, aggressive-looking appearance that very much sets it apart from most other sidearms on the market today.
The L9-A2 pistol and its two other size variants – M9 (Medium) and C9 (Compact) will represent Steyr’s sidearm offering well into the late 2020s and beyond.


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