Boneyard Tokyo Marui TYPE 89 GBBR Airsoft Gun (Ex-Display)
Boneyard Tokyo Marui TYPE 89 GBBR Airsoft Gun (Ex-Display)

Boneyard Tokyo Marui TYPE 89 GBBR Airsoft Gun (Ex-Display)

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Boneyard Tokyo Marui TYPE 89 GBBR Airsoft Gun (Ex-Display) 

Slight scratches on receiver and stock.

Perfect working order.

Includes box, Manuals, Magazine and Bipod.

No Warranty on Boneyard items.

Real Rifle Infomation:
The Howa Type 89 Assault Rifle, referred to as the type 89 5.56mm rifle is a Japanese assault rifle used by the Japan Self-Defense Forces, the Japan Coast Guard's Special Security Team units, and the Special Assault Team. It was never exported outside Japan due to its strict anti-hardware export policy. It is known in JGSDF service as Buddy
Airsoft version:
The New Marui Type 89 has Intense blow back and realism, equipped with a new blow-back engine that employs a large piston with a diameter of about 19mm.
The bolt also operates in conjunction with the cylinder, you can enjoy unprecedented intense recoil shock.
New mechanism Z- system to prevent wear and damage to the bolt catch, piston-absorbers and friction relief bolt roller to reduce the burden on the internal parts, Marui have have improved the durability of the intense recoil shock.
In addition, you can field strip as close as possible to the real gun (usually disassembly for maintenance).
Full metal receiver, barrel and bipod.
Fully working bolt stop system.
Tough ABS plastic pistol grip
Adjustable Hop Unit.
Single shot, Full Auto and 3 Round burst modes. 
14mm Counter Clockwise Thread
Aluminum die-cast magazine: 35 shots
Full length 916 mm Gun height 250 mm weight 4,000g



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