Fire-Support 500fps Marui VSR-10 PRO Version Upgrade Parts Guide

Fire-Support 500fps Marui VSR-10 PRO Version Upgrade Parts Guide

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THIS IS A GUIDE to give you an IDEA of what is fitted in a 500 fps UPGRADE.

If you do the upgrade yourself and the parts fail we cannot warranty the parts.

If a part does fail after you install it we will need to see the gun with the part in its failed state to offer any advice or guidance about the failure


This is NOT a product to purchase, it is just a useful parts guide we have put together for upgrading your VSR-10 PRO.

The G-SPEC upgrade does differ slightly as a different barrel length is needed therefore a different spring is used to compensate.


The products below are what we use in our 500fps Marui VSR-10 PRO Version Upgrade when our engineers carry out the work on new or customers guns.

Prices do vary from time to time but the estimate for the upgrade is £300 including the labour for us to upgrade your VSR-10. 

For an exact price and up to date total, you will need to add the totals of the following products by clicking on them.

They are also listed in the "customers also bought" at the bottom of this page, which will also give you current stock levels:


1 x AP-PT-2928 - Airsoft Pro Reinforced Hop-Up Chamber Unit Lever for Marui VSR-10

1 x PDI-4560249639097 - PDI 520fps Spring for Marui VSR 13mm outer diameter

1 x PDI-PT-4560249631015 - PDI VSR-10 Trigger Sear (1st Sear)

1 x PDI-PT-4560249631022 - PDI VSR-10 & L96 Piston Sear (2nd Sear)

1 x PDI-PT-4560249631046 - PDI VSR-10 Karubane Trigger & Sear Springs

1 x PDI-PT-4560249647818 - PDI Raven Full Cylinder Set for Marui VSR-10 Original Trigger

1 x TM-VSR-135551 - Marui 6.04mm VSR-10 Barrel & New Type Hop-Up Chamber Unit (450mm)

8 x FSL-LABOUR - Fire-Support Labour Charge


We strongly advise that you let our engineers carry out the upgrade work on your new or current VSR-10 PRO.

They have been doing them for many years and the VSR does take some setting up and may also require the spring to be cut down to get the desired fps as many factors affect the final efficiency of the gun, barrel length being one, dependant on whether it is a PRO or a G-SPEC model and therefore the fps you achieve may vary.

This way the VSR-10 will be with you at the desired fps, set up for the correct weight of bb and we can still offer our full 6 month warranty with it upgraded by our engineers.


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