Firesupport Custom GBLS DAS MK18 AEG Airsoft Gun.
Firesupport Custom GBLS DAS MK18 AEG Airsoft Gun. Firesupport Custom GBLS DAS MK18 AEG Airsoft Gun.

Firesupport Custom GBLS DAS MK18 AEG Airsoft Gun.

Reference: FS-GDR-15-CQB
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Firesupport Custom GBLS DAS MK18 AEG Airsoft Gun. 

Custom GBLS with fitted Madbull MK18 Rail System, Fortis gas block, Dytac flash hider and Marui Sopmad stock.

(340Fps Tested)

Feel the realism through DAS with the following features.
1. Taking-down function.
Upper and lower receiver can be disassembled just like a real AR15.
2. Real Bolt Carrier Group
The bolt carrier group (BCG) completes a full stroke inside the upper receiver to fire BBs and produce recoil kick.
3. Recoil kick
Whenever you pull the trigger, bolt group moves back and forth to shot BBs, and it causes recoil kick on your shoulder. It is not generated by weight, but only by bolt's movement.
4. Bolt Stop function
Bolt carrier stops firing at the last round, and locks to the rare. And here is DAS’s special characteristics differentiated from other AEGs.
5. High shooting accuracy
DAS's cycle is like; once the trigger pulls, piston releases and BB is fired. And then BCG and piston inside it moves back and then bolt cylinder goes forward while piston is caught at rear by sear. In other words, as soon as you pull the trigger, BB is firing, and the gun is reloading automatically to ready to shot. Piston in bolt carrier is always ready to hit the ball before you pull the trigger. Because of this mechanism, DAS can provide the higher probability of a hit for shooters.
6. Air-cocking function.
You can shoot manually like a sniper gun. Pull changing handle back to road BB, and just fire. It would be useful when the battery runs dry.
- The most realistic AR platform AEG.
- Realization of real gun's mechanism.
- Recoil kick by real-sized BCG action.
- Cerakote™ black finished body
- PTS® Enhanced Polymer Grip (EPG)
- All CNC parts except receivers and PTS accessories.
- DAS's magazine only used. (60 Rounds of capacity)
- DAS's hop up system with AEG type hop-up bucking and inner barrel.
- High shooting performance in any weather and temperature.
Rear wired with deans connector:
Battery 11.1v Li-Po (Type 23 ) (Not Included)
The spring is very quick to change on the DAS, simply remove the BCG and remove the two slotted screws from the rear of the BCG, you can then remove the spring guide and spring.
Out of the box they will usually be doing about 334-345 for the CQB and 345-350 for the GDR15.
For downgrading the DAS is proprietary for springs, we have a few options available:
280 - 300fps Spring
330 - 350fps Spring
370 - 390fps Spring
GBLS uses GHK or WA compatible charging handles

  • - Length: 720mm - 780mm.
  • - Weight: 6.61LB / 3kg.
  • - Inner Barrel Length: 275mm.
  • - Inner Barrel diameter: 6.04mm. '
  • - Outer Barrel Length: 10.5Inch
  • - Rail System: PTS Centurion Arms CMR V2 rail.
  • - Grip: PTS Enhanced Polymer Grip (EPG)
  • - Firing Modes: Semi/Full-Auto, Safety.
  • - Hop-up system: Adjustable (WA Style).
  • - Battery: LiPo 11.1v battery (Battery not included).
  • - We recommend using a 11.1V, 25C li-po Battery.
  • - 7.4V, 14.2V li-po Batteries will not work on this model.
  • - We do not recommend using replica optics because it will shift due to the recoil.
  • - You can used real steel charging handle without modification.

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