GBLS GDR416 AEG Airsoft Gun Hybrid
GBLS GDR416 AEG Airsoft Gun Hybrid GBLS GDR416 AEG Airsoft Gun Hybrid

GBLS GDR416 AEG Airsoft Gun Hybrid

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GBLS GDR416 AEG Airsoft Gun Hybrid

FRONT and REAR sights are NOT included and are for photo purposes only

This Gun is revolutionary in its concept. 

Want GBBR realism but put off by gas powered guns now you can get it, we love the realism of a GBBR, the realistic weighty trigger response, the trigger reset, the fully operational controls, but, we dont like the leaky gas magazines, the cool down issues, gas not working in the cold winters and the maintainance burden, not to mention the cost of gas.

This rifle nique in concept, functions, feels and operates like any gas blowback M4, with a lower receiver that has more in common to a PTW and an upper thats half GBBR half something unique. The trigger pull on this rifle has been set to the exact weight spec of the U.S Army issue M4 rifles, the pull is weighty and realistic and the reset incredibly crisp. All the controls of this rifle are as close to the real thing as they could possibly be. 

The GBBR is fitted with a fully moving bolt etc. The hop unit uses an AEG bucking and nub, and the inner barrel is AEG spec, meaning a lot of upgrade possibilities, the hop is adjusted via an alan screw inside the breach of the rifle, and this is most easily changed when the two halves are split, the hop settings are held in place with the use of nylon bushings that mean once your hop is set there is no need to continually adjust, it will not creep. To further increase accuracy the inner barrel is fitted with a sprung collar to reduce the effects of recoil on the barrel assembly. The result of these features is that this is an incredibly accurate rifle, comparable in performance to even heavily upgraded Tokyo Marui Recoil shocks which currently are the weapons by which all others are judged.

In terms of compatability these rifles will fit PTS Rainier style GBBR M4 charging handles as well as a host of others available on the market, including real steel items. Rail wise this rifle will accept standard AEG rail systems. This rifle will also take standard AEG pistol grips and standard stocks, meaning you have a rifle that operates likes an GBBR, performs like a recoil.

We cannot reccomend these rifles enough and we believe that these items represent a massive leap in airsoft technology, fitted with a mosfet for peace of mind and an incredibly robust electrical circuit and mosfet these rifles are built to last. Once felt, once shot, no serious airsofter could resist but buying one, or two, or three. Remember folks, we offer 0% finance on checkout allowing you to spread the cost of your orders without one big outlay. These rifles have a 365 day (12 month) Manufacturers Warranty.


    • Revolutionary new rifle
    • Highest Possibel Manufacturing Standards
    • Operates like a GBBR
    • Lower like a PTW
    • Bolt carrier group with teeth that recoils as a GBBR bolt
    • Cerakote black receiver
    • PTS Enhanced Polymer Grip (EPG)
    • CNC Machined from Aluminium
    • 2 x Propitiatory DAS's magazine Included with 60 Round capacity
    • AEG Bucking
    • AEG Nub
    • AEG Inner Barrel
    • Mosfet Fitted
    • Fuse Protection
    • Deans Connector As Standard
    • Battery Stored in the Stock (use an 11.1v)
    • All the bonuses of a GBBR with none of the downsides
    • Proprietry incredibly strong motor
    • 345fps out the box
    • Fps easily changed in seconds (more springs to release soon)
    • Easily locked to Semi-Auto only With a single internal screw

Forged from solid AL-7075 aluminium the details are CNC machined then finished with a Milspec Type III Hardcoat Anodizing

The TD style grip is double-shot injection moulded DuPont Zytel PA66-GF30

The crane style stock has been developed for perfect fit with the buffer tube and maximum battery space. Made from double-shot injection Moulded Dupont Zytel PA66-GF30 and a urethane pad and metal QD insert

A highly detailed replica of the classic quad rail system, the handguard is extruded AL-6063 aluminium, CNC machined and Type III Hardcoat Anodized. It also features a welded block for the retention screw just like the real thing.

Length 712 - 802 mm

Weight 2.98 kg
Inner Barrel Length 263 mm
Inner Barrel Diameter 6.05 mm
Inner Barrel Design AEG Compatible
Outer Barrel Length 10.5”
Barrel Thread 14 mm counter-clockwise
Receiver Thread AEG Compatible
Charging Handle Real steel compatible
Grip TD Style DAS Grip
Handguard GDR416 Quad Picatinny Rail
Stock Crane Style
Firing Modes Semi / Full Auto
Hop-Up System Adjustable (WA Style), AEG bucking
Battery LiPo 11.1V Battery (not included)



Details to follow

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