ICS Battery Crane Stock

ICS Battery Crane Stock

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ICS M4/M16 Crane Stock
 New Crane Stock

The ultimate Battery Stock for M4 Series

*Electricity won’t break when players adjust lengths

*The unique surface vein provides skidproof and comfortable touch

*Extremely convenient battery installation

*Industrial standard Plastic Material and High Strength Structure

We usually utilize the biggest room in the M16 series AEGs for battery, such as the inside of fix stock or handguard. Players like to modify and upgrade their AEGs into characteristic personal weapon, which usually results in no extra room for battery.
ICS design brand new crane stock kits to let players install the battery extremely convenient. ICS sampled L.M.T. LMT-L7LA2B and improved it to have ICS crane stock which provides enough room for battery. Besides, it can be retracted without wiring.

(1)The new surface vein makes you feel very comfortable when you put your cheek on it

(6)High strength from reinforced structure design

(9)ICS utilizes expensive industrial plastic material to design ICS crane stock in order to have heatproof, acid-proof, alkali-proof, and make it uneasy to distort.

(10)Unique electric track, the front connect point are silvering point. The features are low electric resistance, high electric current capability and electric erosion resistance

(13)The silvering connection point on battery assembly can hold high electric current, lower the electric resistance and have electric erosion resistance. It connects with the silvering connection point in stock to provide electricity.

(14)The battery assembly is only for ICS crane stock. The specification is 9.6v 2000 mAh powerful environmental friendly Ni-Mh battery cells from Enrich Power, the first brand of Ni-Mh battery in RC industry in the U.S.
There is a connector on the battery assembly for charging.

(15)It can be adjusted for six different lengths. No matter whether you retract or extend it, the electric current won’t break. You don’t need to open the stock and arrange wires anymore. This is a patent design you can’t find on the crane stocks from other brands.

(18)Battery disassembly:
a.Loosen two screws on the butt plate, take off the butt plate

(19)b.Pull the battery assembly out

(20)c.Take off the butt plate, insert the battery assembly to the end to make connection between battery assembly connection point and stock connection point.

(21)Finished picture


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