ICS L85 Switch Set
ICS L85 Switch Set ICS L85 Switch Set

ICS L85 Switch Set

Reference: ICS-ML-08
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Location: M1-R8-S3-P4-D0
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Compatible with ICS L85 / L86A2 series
ICS L85/L86 A2 patented brand new design of the delayed-action trigger,The action of trigger is close to real gun trigger action。

a.tools requirement:MS-03 2.5mm hexagon wrench

b.Switch fire mode lever to safe.

c.Push the switch to right side.(Black part)

d.Rotate the electric brake and combine the long link and the electric pull rod together.

e.Lean the electrical brake and insert into safety latch.

f.Using 2.5mm hexagon wrench to screw.

g.Switch fire mode lever to full-automatic to check if it is functional.


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