ICS M4 Hand guard L320

ICS M4 Hand guard L320

Reference: ICS-MA-224
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Location: M2-R3-S2-P3-D0
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ICS M4 Hand guard L320.

Length 320mm

Keymod type RIS system.
Includes Keymod RIS, Barrel nut and fixing screws.
The compatibility of the handguard of ICS R.A.S. series. We conduct a test fitting today. The answer is yes, but this customer also needs to purchase a MA-218 Gas tube retainer so that the barrel would be fixed right in the middle position inside the handguard.
For example, if you want to remodel a ICS-25 M4 R.A.S. to replace the R.A.S. handguard (MA-73) to the Keymod handguard L320 (MA-224), it is available to do so but please note there will still be a gap between handguard and receiver like current ICS-25 M4 R.A.S. Besides, please also install a MA-218 gas tube retainer on the barrel. And also please make sure this consumer has the tool to release the delta ring of the original R.A.S. handguard, so that he can remove the original delta ring then install the new Keymod handguard delta ring.
Besides, as you know it is not convenient to install battery inside the Keymod handguard, ICS-25 M4 R.A.S. is the front wire model, so a battery box may still be needed. If you want to attach the battery box, please remember to purchase MA-220 or MA-221 Keymod rail.


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