ICS MA-73/MA-85 Fix Screw (0257F101/0257F102/LTM30006)

ICS MA-73/MA-85 Fix Screw (0257F101/0257F102/LTM30006)

Reference: ICS-MA-73-SCREWS
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Location: M1-R2-S2-P1-D1
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 ICS Screw set for Tsunami RAS Kit.

handguard fixed clip for MA-73 RAS part, 0257F101.

handguard fixed screw for MA-73 RAS part, 0257F102

ICS M1 screw (M4XP0.7Xl30) for MA-73 RAS part, LTM30006

incudes 2 sets of screws, 2 fixing pieces and 2 nuts

ALSO suitable for MA-85



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