ICS (Metal) CXP-HOG DMR Tubular Sniper Rifle EBB AEG (Long Version)

ICS (Metal) CXP-HOG DMR Tubular Sniper Rifle EBB AEG (Long Version)

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ICS (Metal) CXP-HOG DMR Tubular Sniper Rifle AEG EBB (Long Version)

Single shot 420-460 fps (supplied without flip up sights)

length 895-925 mm

inner barrel 375mm

Full metal receiver, tubular foregrip, and barrel.

Tough ABS plastic stock and pistol grip.

RIS panels can be moved on Tubular handguard.
Adjustable Hop Unit.
Single shot only.
Rear wired with Mini Tamiya connector.
Battery: 7.4 Li-Po (Type 18) (Not included)
Hot-Swap Gearbox Design (Change your upper gearbox (main spring & piston) in under 5 minutes!)
New electric blowback system.
Sniper stock adjustable for length and height.
Fitted with single point sling fitting.
Includes Mid Cap T Magazine.

  • ICS Gun Information
  • The gun will chrono around 420fps on a .2g
  • Single shot only
  • On all ICS EBB guns the decocking function (what happens when the fire selector is moved to Safe) has been removed by the factory.
  • The reason for the removal of the decocking feature is that under some circumstances after moving from safe to single shot the action can load an extra bb into the hop unit resulting in a double shot or damage to the rifle.

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