ICS (Plastic) R.I.S Fixed Stock M4 Airsoft gun aeg

ICS (Plastic) R.I.S Fixed Stock M4 Airsoft gun aeg

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ICS R.I.S Fixed Stock M4 - Plastic Airsoft gun aeg

ICS Plastic M4 Version
Hop-Up: same as ICS metal version hop up. Adjustable hop-up
Firing Rate: Firing rate depends on battery voltage and spring setting
Max.range : N/A
Mag Pellet Capacity: 300 rounds
Body material : plastic
Outer barrel material : same as ICS metal version, metal
RIS material: same as ICS metal version, metal
stock material : same as ICS metal version, metal or plastic
carry handle material : Plastic
Unique Serial Numbered Body: Yes
Metal Bearings : Yes
High Quality Silicone Wiring System: Yes
Hot-Swap Gearbox Design (Change your upper gearbox (main spring & piston) in under 5 minutes!) :Same as ICS metal version, Metal split gear box Working forward assist knob (releaves strain on gears after use):Yes

Battery: 8.4v - 9.6v (Type 03) (Type 04) 

Fitted with Mini Tamiya connector.

  • ICS Gun Information
  • All ICS Guns (except M1 Garand) are downgraded in the ICS factory to UK legal specifications
  • This means that the guns will chrono between 290 and 350 fps on a .2g BB dependant on barrel length and gun model.
  • ICS install a M100 spring instead of the M120 and with Infinite 2500 motor instead of Turbo 3000 motor.
  • The reason for the spring change is to get the velocity below the UK legal limit
  • The reason for the motor change is to minimise motor over spin that courses 2 bbs being fired from 1 pull of the trigger on sub 400 fps rifles.
  • On all ICS EBB guns the decocking function (what happens when the fire selector is moved to Safe) has been removed by the factory.
  • The reason for the removal of the decocking feature is that under some circumstances after moving from safe to single shot the action can load an extra bb into the hop unit resulting in a double shot or damage to the rifle.

  • Box Contents
  • One Rifle
  • Two 300rd High-Capacity C7 Magazine
  • One Cleaning Rod
  • Sight Adjustment Tool
  • Manual and DVD

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