ICS POM Piston & Slice
ICS POM Piston & Slice ICS POM Piston & Slice

ICS POM Piston & Slice

Reference: ICS-MC-170
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Location: M1-R2-S1-P2-D2
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(1)Made of reinforced material, POM with fiber plus 8 steel teeth. It is tough, firm and solid.

(2)The thickness tail tooth has been increase to prevent breaking.

(3)The design of side rail can reduce the friction and heat.

(4)The concave on side rail can hold more and lubricant increase lubrication

(5)Internal rib design reduces the friction between internal wall and spring. Besides, it increases the strength.

MC-169, MC-170, MC-172 are basically the same piston.
The differences are slice and piston head. MC-169 have both of them.
Use MC-169 on the standard M1 Garand



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