Kanzen Airsoft 7mm Universal Synergie AEG bearing

Kanzen Airsoft 7mm Universal Synergie AEG bearing

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Kanzen Airsoft 7mm Universal Synergie AEG bearing.

Perfect combination of chromium steel and ceramics, Ceramics line redefines performance.
Present on space shuttles, ceramics today perfects Gearboxes of the most demanding airsofters. Although lighter than their steel counterparts but also harder, resisting much higher temperatures, offering a significant reduction in friction, non-magnetic, insensitive to corrosion, Ceramic Balls line have proven themselves with players from almost 10 years.
Extreme upgrades can not settle for a compromise. Offering the same benefits as the line steel with which it shares its carbon steel construction and chromium, plus the invaluable benefits of silicon nitride balls, Ceramics line is there for airsofters seeking absolute performance .
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