LCT RPKS74 NV Airsoft Gun AEG
LCT RPKS74 NV Airsoft Gun AEG LCT RPKS74 NV Airsoft Gun AEG

LCT RPKS74 NV Airsoft Gun AEG

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LCT RPKS74 NV AEG Airsoft Gun.

Real RPK Rifle infomation.

The RPK has a heavier and longer barrel than an AKM. This allows the RPK to fire for extended periods of time without major loss in accuracy due to the barrel heating up. The chrome-lined barrel is permanently fixed to the receiver, and cannot be replaced in the field. It is fitted with a new front sight base, gas block (lacks the bayonet lug) and an under-barrel cleaning rod guide. The barrel also features a folding bipod, mounted near the muzzle, and a front sight base with a lug that limits the bipod's rotation around the axis of barrel.

The RPK features a thick laminated wood foregrip, and a fixed laminated wood "club-foot" buttstock, similar to the stock used on the RPD, which is designed to allow the user to fire from the prone position more comfortably. 

The RPKS-74 is the paratrooper model of the RPK-74, equipped with a wooden folding stock from the RPKS.

Airsoft Version.

Full metal and wood construction.

Single shot and full auto fire modes.

Metal folding bipod.

Folding stock

Adjustable Hop System.

Battery: 8.4v - 9.6v (Type 05) (Type 06)

  • LCT Guns shoot at about 330 fps and are downgraded by the factory to UK legal spec.
  • LCT guns are supplied with 1 mag

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