Lonex 8mm Enhanced Bearing Gearbox for Version 3

Lonex 8mm Enhanced Bearing Gearbox for Version 3

Reference: LX-GB-00-02
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Lonex 8mm Enhanced Bearing Gear Box Ver.3.

1-This product is a mixture of a variety of high-temperature metallic materials, after a 
    lengthy testing, toughness, strength are up to the highest standards, and has the 
    effect of impact-resistant.
2-The most accurate 8mm holes design, it's advantage of being aable to effectively 
    control the center hole and there will be no bias current, as occurred.
3-8mm Ball Bearing 8x3x2.5mm the size of the japanese specification, not only 
   toenhance both the strength and smooth degree.
Includes Gearbox, 8mm Bearings, Screws and Tappet plate.



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