Lonex SR-16 Full Gearbox Set (SP120 Original Type)

Lonex SR-16 Full Gearbox Set (SP120 Original Type)

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Lonex SR-16 Full Gearbox Set (SP120 Original Type) 

Lonex introduced 2nd generation complete enhanced gearbox, compatible with all the M4 / M16 AEG models on the market.
Complete gearbox includes:
1. 2nd generation super gearbox
2. Air seal nozzle
3. Enhanced tappet
4. Aluminum cylinder head
5. Steel cylinder
6. Aluminum piston head
7. Enhanced 10 steel teeth piston
8. Tune-up spring SP120
9. Steel ball bearing spring guide
10. Anti-heat electric switch
11. Enhanced gear (Original ratio)
12. Enhanced anti-reversal latch
13. Enhanced trigger
14. Anti-Heat Selector Plate for M16 Series
15. Cut Off Lever for Gear Box Ver.2
16. Safety Cover
17. 8mm ball bearing
18. Gear Box Spring Set for Ver. 2
19. Shim set


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