LPE Repair Kit For King Arms 40mm Gas Moscarts

LPE Repair Kit For King Arms 40mm Gas Moscarts

Reference: LPE-GRK-001
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LPE Repair Kit For King Arms 40mm Gas Moscarts.

This handy repair kit contains enough high quality replacement O-rings and bearings to replace all the major seals in four King Arms or Mosquito Molds 40mm Moscarts and enough bearings to rebuild 2 release valves.
These kits are ideal for those who regularly use moscarts and can be kept in a kit bag or toolbox ready in-case you find one has started leaking just before a skirmish or just to fix any existing leaks.
Contains :-
4x Main valve O-ring (Also fits King Arms moscarts with removable cap holding the fill valve)
8x Fill valve O-ring
4x BB Retention O-ring
8x 3mm Steel bearings
Fits the following King Arms 40mm Moscarts :-
120R Cartridge M433 HEDP
120R Cartridge M433 HEDP Version II
60R Cartridge M433 HEDP
60R Cartridge M381 HE VN
120R Cartridge M381 HE VN
192R Cartridge XM 1060
Will also fit some other 40mm moscarts/grenades (Please note that some parts in this kit will fit other brands and models of moscarts but we cannot guarantee that all parts will fit or work).


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