Madbull 7.0 inch PWS Diablo AEG (Dark Earth)

Madbull 7.0 inch PWS Diablo AEG (Dark Earth)

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Madbull 7.0 inch PWS Diablo AEG Dark Earth.

About real PWS Diablo:
The Diablo Upper is Primary Weapons System answer to the 7.5" AR-15/M-16 series upper. Rather than simply bolting on an existing product and calling it revolutionary, PWS stepped back and designed a system from the ground up to work specifically with the extreme pressures of the 7.5” barrels.
The Diablo upper utilizes a long stroke piston system for additional dwell time and smooth recoil. The system is rounded out with the new CQB comp from PWS - a comp designed for short barrels that compensates, suppresses flash and directs all the blast forward.
The MadBull Airsoft version kits:
Including Handguard set, Outer barrel, Barrel nut, Compensator, and Non-functional piston decoration


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