Madbull AEG Shark Hop-Up Rubbers & Nubs (Black & Clear)

Madbull AEG Shark Hop-Up Rubbers & Nubs (Black & Clear)

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Madbull AEG Shark Hop-Up Rubbers & Nubs (Black & Clear)

1 x silicon, 1 x rubber and 1 x 2 spaces.

Shark Hopup Bucking is original designed for 470 to prevent double feeding.
By 3 special 'fins' inside the bucking, Shark Hopup Bucking can hold one and only one B.B. tightly in the chamber.
In the mean time, to our surprise, we found that this bucking could enhance the velocity on some AEG.
But not all AEG could have the same results and the result could be different from one AEG to another.
Unfortunately, we don't the exactly reason because each AEG has its own condition.
However, we do believe that the friction (from 3 fins) appied onto B.B. will enhance the velocity.
Rubber v.s. Silicon:
To say the truth, we prefer the rubber bucking. It is duriable and cheaper.
However, a lot of people prefer Silicon bucking because it seals Air better. (but break easily.)
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