Marui AA12 (AA-12) Full Auto Shotgun
Marui AA12 (AA-12) Full Auto Shotgun Marui AA12 (AA-12) Full Auto Shotgun

Marui AA12 (AA-12) Full Auto Shotgun

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Marui AA-12 Full Auto Shotgun - Check out the video here!

The internal mechanism that is covered with plastic frame, has a dedicated Gearbox and the three rounds each can each be hop adjusted seperately, Using Tokyo Marui's first FET system (electronic switch system with three cylinder adoption etc.)

3 cylinder mechanism box equipped: Development of a dedicated mechanism box to allow a three-shot simultaneous full auto function. A Kashima coat of self-lubricating anodized aluminum in the cylinder head. Smooth loading of every three shots even during full auto.

FET equipped: the load on the switch unit due to both simultaneously fired and fully automatic firing of BB bullet 3 rounds, mitigated by adopting the FET (electronic switch system).Response of the from pulling the trigger until the firing BB bullet also has been improved.

Metal inner frame adopted: the exterior frame inside made of resin employs a metal frame that covers the whole mechanism, and enhance the rigidity.

Triple variable hop up mounting: The BB bullet is fired from three barrels, it is possible to manipulate the dial in the Ejection port, you will be able to adjust each barrel individually.

Adjustable site: Front site is up and down, rear sight can be adjusted to the left or right.


The FET System will not allow you to run the AA-12 on an 11.1v Lipo Battery, it will automatically cut off and a LED light will be visible.

  • Triple variable hop up system installed
  • 3 shots simultaneous firing
  • Full auto / semi-automatic switching type
  • 8.4v Mini Battery
  • Full length - 839 mm
  • Gun Height - 300 mm
  • Weight - 4,200g

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