Marui SGR-12 Shotgun
Marui SGR-12 Shotgun Marui SGR-12 Shotgun

Marui SGR-12 Shotgun

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M - LOK Rail System: Adopt the latest rail system "M - LOK (M - LOCK)" for aluminum cutting hand guard with integrated rigid upper receiver. A hand guard that can add rails only to the necessary part is slim and easy to handle, and it is also made lighter by reducing the meat. Three types of 3 slots, 5 slots, and 7 slots are included for each M - LOK rail with a width of 20 mm (Picatinny standard). It is easily detachable with the included hexagonal wrench.

3 cylinder Mechanical BOX installation: Newly developed exclusive mechanical box which enables simultaneous launch of three simultaneous shots. Just pulling the trigger will fire the BB bullet and cock and automatically load the next bullet. The nozzle guide adopts Kashima coat of self-lubricating alumite. It made it possible to load three smoothly each time even in full auto.

Full / semi-automatic switching type: Full auto auto-launch that allows simultaneous shots to be launched at the same time in about 10 shots per second while pulling the trigger is possible with a semi-auto shot that triggers three simultaneous shots once the trigger is pulled. With the selector on the side of the body, you can switch between semi-automatic and full auto.

FET installation: The burden on the switch part by combining simultaneous launching of 3 BB bullets and full auto launch is reduced by adopting FET (electronic switch method). Response from pulling the trigger to launching BB bullet is also improved.

Adoption of metal inner frame: Inside the exterior frame, a metal frame covering the entire mechanism is adopted to increase rigidity.

Triple variable hop-up installation: For BB bullets fired from three barrels, you can adjust the hop-up condition individually by operating the dial in the ejecction port.

Flip-up front and rear sights. The upper rail extending from the hand guard is equipped with a front / rear site of a flip-up type that can be caited even in a folded state.

Half see-through magazine: 96 rnd magazines. A dummy shot shell can be seen.

Triple variable hop-up system installed 
3 bb's at once / 3 seperate hops
Full auto (continuous) / semi-auto (single) switching type
Full length 730 mm
Gun height 270 mm
Weight 4,400 g (including empty magazine)
Mini Type Battery Type3
Magazine - 96 rnds

  • Package Contents:
  • SGR-12
  • Magazine (96 rnd)
  • Protective cap
  • Handling instructions
  • SGR exclusive adjustment tool
  • 3 types of hexagonal wrench
  • BB bullet (0.2 g / 200 shots)
  • package size: width 930 x length 330 x thickness 110 mm
  • Battery type 3 or type 20
  • Has space for 8.4 mini NiMh 1600

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