PDI 6.01mm (275mm) Inner Barrel for Marui 416

PDI 6.01mm (275mm) Inner Barrel for Marui 416

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PDI RAVEN BARREL 6.01+mm AEG 275mm marui 416

Inner Diameter:6.01+
Outer Diameter:8.55mm
Made of STKM13C.

Internal diameter is 6.01mm.
Made of Stainless steel.We could product 01-inner barrel by using new technology of 05-inner barrel.

The tolerance is ±0.002mm
05 inner barrels are producted by using the Cold hammering(This tolerance is the highest quality in our industry).
But it's impossible to product the internal diameter 6.01mm.We needed more accuracy.
So we reaquired more precise scale.

Pro series
01 barrel is pro model,not 05 barrel.If they have extreme precision diameter,they may affect from
using which BB, situation, maintenance & other facters.Please be careful. 


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