SHS Plastic Sector Clip
SHS Plastic Sector Clip SHS Plastic Sector Clip

SHS Plastic Sector Clip

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 SHS Sector clip Delayer Plastic

Quick Overview
If you increase the rate of fire on your airsoft rifle, you can experience mis-feeds and dry firing. A sector gear delay will solve your feeding problems 99.9% of the time, instantly.
This sector gear clip increases the time it takes for the air nozzle to cycle. Delaying the cycle improves BB feeding by allowing the air nozzle to be retracted from the hop-feed for a longer duration.
You may think this is an insignificant tiny blob of plastic but the instant cure it will give you is probably the best couple of quid you could ever spend on your AEG.
Manufactured from nylon for low friction and high strength properties.
Although this is designed to fit tightly into position and stay there. we recommend that you super-glue it as a precaution. You don't want this rattling around inside your gearbox.


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