Silverback SRS Gen 3 A1 Covert 16Inch Barrel (FDE) (Left)Pull Bolt Sniper Rifle
Silverback SRS Gen 3 A1 Covert 16Inch Barrel (FDE) (Left)Pull Bolt Sniper Rifle Silverback SRS Gen 3 A1 Covert 16Inch Barrel (FDE) (Left)Pull Bolt Sniper Rifle

Silverback SRS Gen 3 A1 Covert 16Inch Barrel (FDE) (Left)Pull Bolt Sniper Rifle

Reference: SBA-BLT-06FDE-L
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Silverback SRS Gen 3 A1 Covert 16Inch Barrel (FDE) Pull Bolt (Left Handed) Sniper Rifle.

2018 Gen 3 revisions:
- Piston: heavier than the previous version (54g instead of 40g), piston end revision for smoother locking on the sear, the head is now a silent cup type.
- Hop up: new rubber, flat type design, better seal and easier to lift heavy bb’s (also compatible with the optional fast hop-up).
- Magazine: SRS are now with the black magazine (SBA-MAG-03BK, long flexible follower included)
- Trigger box/safety: design of the safety has been modified, safety buttons are now encased in the safety plate.
- Pull bolt buttplate extension: better fit with the spring guide, reducing vibrations.
- BB tube: O-Ring removed from bb tube.
- Nylon side rails redesign, closer to the rails on original rifle.
The Silverback SRS-A1 Covert 16'' is a fully licenced version of the Desert Tech Scout Recon Stealth A1 bullpup sniper rifle. Our airsoft version of this awesome bullpup sniper rifle is built only in high quality materials.
- This pull back version allows you to easily change the spring to adjust your rifle muzzle velocity. The bolt itself is made of steel (monolithic bolt head, cylinder, spring guide, piston end) and 6061 aluminium (piston body and piston head). The volume of compressed air reaches 41 cubic centimeter: it's the largest air volume available for a spring powered airsoft gun.
- Compatible APS 13 mm springs (APS-2 / APS-T96 / APS-SR2 / M24).
- Outer barrel made by CNC, 6061 T6 aluminium with an inner diameter of 8.56 mm eliminating the necessity of barrel spacers. 
- Two way aluminium hop up unit, directly attached to the quick change barrel assembly, allowing barrel switch in seconds while keeping your hop up setting. Hop up setting is done by two screws on top of the rifle, through the receiver, without removing the barrel, the magazine or the optic. Hopup rubber is AEG type.
- Railed handguard: CNC 6061 T5 aluminium and fiber reinforced nylon additional rail (1 pieces included). Rail system is attached to the receiver via a sturdy 38x2mm thread.
- Rifle stock is made of fiber reinforced nylon.
- Fiber reinforced nylon buttpad extension.
- Steel magazine, with reinforced nylon internal, 30 rounds capacity.
- CNC aluminium trigger.
- No injection molding metal parts, no zinc alloy, all screws are in 10.9 steel.


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