Snow Wolf PPSH EBB AEG Airsoft Gun
Snow Wolf PPSH EBB AEG Airsoft Gun Snow Wolf PPSH EBB AEG Airsoft Gun

Snow Wolf PPSH EBB AEG Airsoft Gun

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Snow Wolf PPSH EBB AEG Airsoft Gun

Real Gun Infomation.

The PPSh was a magazine-fed selective fire submachine gun using an open-bolt, blowback action. Made largely of stamped steel, it could be loaded with either a box or drum magazine, and fired the 7.62×25mm Tokarev pistol round.
The PPSh saw extensive combat use during World War II and the Korean War. It was one of the major infantry weapons of the Soviet Armed Forces during World War II. Around 6 million PPSh-41s were manufactured. In the form of the Chinese Type 50 (a licensed copy), it was still being used by Vietnamese Viet Cong as late as 1970. According to the 2002 edition of The Encyclopedia of Weapons of World War II the PPSh was still in use with irregular military forces.
Airsoft version.
Electric Blowback system.
Full metal upper receiver, Barrel, Drum magazine and Hi-Cap magazine.
Adjustable Hop-Unit.
Single shot and full auto fire modes.
Plastic wood effect stock.
Rear wired with mini Tamiya connector fitted.
Battery 9.6v (Type 04) Li-po 7.4 (Type 20) (Not Included)


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