SPEED Round Optic Shield (L)

SPEED Round Optic Shield (L)

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SPEED Round Optic Shield (l)

SPEED Airsoft now has available a family of BB shields to protect your favorite optics.   The new SPEED Optic BB Shields are designed with optical clarity and to survive CQB shots. 
The original SPEED Contour BB Shield was designed to give the lens of the Contour camcorder maximum protection in the real airsoft world and was torture tested with over 1000 BBs.  The tough and durable SPEED Contour BB Shield did not crack nor allow a single bb to pass through.  SPEED Airsoft has now released a complete line of Optic BB Shields to protect your favorite optics using this same technology. 
The SPEED Optic BB Shields are available in two different sizes for both square and round types of optics. 
For optics with a height of up to 3"


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