TAG Innovation Velum Starter Kit

TAG Innovation Velum Starter Kit

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TAG Innovation Velum Starter Kit
Pack contains 8 of the 'Velum' 38mm grenades and one TAG gas launcher grenade.
The Velum shell is an airsoft/paintball projectile that fits standard airsoft grenade launchers and is an impact activated grenade which ignites the fuse as soon as it is fired from the TAG gas launcher grenade. The firing 'impact' is detected on the rear end of the shell.
The projectile is made from trauma-safe, lightweight polyurethane foam which contains a quantity of coloured smoke compound which burns for around 30 seconds, emitting a thick cloud of smoke.
TAG Innovation products are commercially manufactured devices that are made in the Russian Kalashnikov factory.

The TAG system is not intended (nor should it be used) for close-up target engagement, the whole point of the added range and accuracy is that you use it at a distance to take out targets that you could not otherwise reach with a hand-thrown device. 


TAG presentation video click HERE

Launching shell length 12.4cm


Details to follow

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