Tokyo Marui AEG Tracer Unit (14mm CCW)
Tokyo Marui AEG Tracer Unit (14mm CCW) Tokyo Marui AEG Tracer Unit (14mm CCW)

Tokyo Marui AEG Tracer Unit (14mm CCW)

Reference: TM-ACC-178466
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Marui New Tracer Unit for all Models
Mainly for use at night.
When you use luminous bb's the tracer charges them and you are able to see a stream of them reach their target.
- Metal Outer Body
- 14mm Anti-Clockwise Thread
- On/Off Button Switch
- New Internal Design to reduce muzzle flash visibility
- 100 Rds Tracer BB Included
- Powered by AAA Alkaline Battery x 4 ( Not Included )
- Diameter: 37mm
- Length: 133mm

"Major features"
  • Ballistic trajectory like laser: Illuminate flashing BB bullets that fire inside the full auto tracer with powerful strobe light. The launched BB bullet glows and looks like a laser trajectory. ※ "NEW flash BB bullet" is required separately.
  • Direct easy installation: Increase the strength by making the mounting screw part made of metal. It can be easily mounted on the muzzle with 14mm reverse screw specification. ※ Please be sure to confirm the corresponding model.
  • Metal body strength UP: Lightweight and rugged aluminum outer case adopted. In addition, it has a double lid structure that completely covers the battery lid and the light emitting unit, preventing the battery and battery lid from falling and being lost.
  • Push type switch: It adopts a button type switch which understands ON / OFF state at a glance. The switch position is easy to understand even in the darkness, you can easily switch on / off the switch just by pressing it.
  • Reduce muzzle flash: Even when not firing, it is possible to minimize leakage of light from the launch port and to develop more advantageous games.


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