Umarex VFC 2.6374X H&K HK M27 AEG
Umarex VFC 2.6374X H&K HK M27 AEG Umarex VFC 2.6374X H&K HK M27 AEG

Umarex VFC 2.6374X H&K HK M27 AEG

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Umarex VFC (2.6374X) HECKLER & KOCH M27 (AEG).

supplied in a plastic case with egg shell foam inside
uses Marui compatible M4 / M16 mags

Real Rifle infomation.

The M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR) is a lightweight, magazine-fed 5.56mm weapon used by the United States Marine Corps. It is intended to enhance an automatic rifleman's maneuverability and displacement speed, and it is based on the HK416. The U.S. Marine Corps is planning to purchase 6,500 IARs to replace a portion of the M249 light machine guns currently employed by automatic riflemen within Infantry and Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalions. 

Marines issued with the M27 enjoy its familiarity with the M4-style weapons in service. It is more friendly to troops due to its cleaner, lightweight system, having fewer moving parts and jams. IAR gunners consider the rifle-grade accuracy to be a huge improvement over the SAW, despite the loss of sustained firing. With a shrinking budget, the Marine Corps is looking at ways to implement the IAR as a multipurpose weapon. Suggestions include use as an automatic rifle and as a designated marksman rifle.

* Full Metal Construction.
* CNC Aluminium Outer Barrel, Solid and Stable.
* One-Screw fix/take-down Rail Handguard.
* The Rail Handguard which embeds into upper receiver as real steel.
* Reality present Gas Piston System.
* Cosmetic bolt plate able to lock when pulling cocking handle, returns by pressing Bolt Release Button, easy for hop-up adjustment.
* Aluminium Die-Cast Selector Lever / Magazine Catch / Bolt Release.
* Detachable Front & Rear Sights Included.
* Realistic Looking Magazine ( 300Rds)
* Realistic Looking Grip Base.
Built Material: Full Metal with ABS Grip / Stock
Gear Box - VFC Custom Gearbox ( Ver.2-Compatible Internal Parts )
Battery - 8.4v - 9.6v (Type 11) (Type 15)
Package Includes - AEG, Magazine.


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