1. Delivery Information

For UK orders we aim to despatch your order as quickly as possible and will get it to you within 5 working days
Please see http://www.fire-support.co.uk/pandp.php for mor information

2. How can I track my order?

If when you order an item from the web site you create and account it is possible to see all your
purchase history and on this is a link to the parcel tracking (click on the despatch date).

3. What are the postage costs?

Please see the following link http://www.fire-support.co.uk/pandp.php

4. Please read - LiPo Battery Safety Notes and best usage and Lipo and AEG Top Tips

5. Christmas 2014 Christmas Last Posting Times (VERY DEPENDANT on WEATHER conditions and NOT Guaranteed)
These dates are Royal mail and Parcel force dates, we will post on the correct service but cannot guarantee they will do their job.

UK Last Posting Times
Royal Mail 1st Class - Friday 19th December
Royal Mail Special delivery Monday 22nd December
UK Mainland
Parcel Force 24 - Monday 22nd December
Northern Ireland / Scottish Highlands
Parcel Force 48 - Friday 19th December

Sprayed guns
Order before 4pm Wed 17th for delivery Friday 19th Dec

7. Can you fix / repair / service / upgrade my gun? YES

We are able to offer repair, upgrade and service of your AEG, Pistol, Sniper rifle, Shotgun or support weapon as long as they are not a cheap chinese clone such as (JG, Dboys, SRC, Well, Both Elephants etc)

If you do send it to us please include a note of your name, address, tel num, why you are sending it to us.
Firesupport Ltd
The Court Yard
Conquest Drove

8. Can I send you my ukara form? YES and its FREE to add you and you dont need to buy a gun.

We can add you to the database.

We can now only accept posted paper forms and suggest you take a copy befor eposting it to us.
if urgent or linked to an order write on the top of the form
we can add you within a few minutes of receiving the form , otherwise it will be done within a week

9. Can you two tone (spray a gun) for VCR purposes? YES

Please see our upgrade section and add that item to your shopping cart
We will require proof of your age (driving licence, passport or birth certificate) to be emailed or faxed (01733 248058)

We also sell clear guns that do not require spraying, we will still require proof of age.

10. Can you order in parts for my gun? YES

Please supply a list of pat numbers that you require  sometimes it tales up to 3 months to get the parts and we will require a deposit paying before the items are ordered.

11, Where can I find gun diagrams?

Please see our links page http://www.fire-support.co.uk/links.php near the bottom of the page
we are gradually building up a list of sites for manuals.

12. Payment Options

Credit/debit Card
Cheque and Postal Order- make payable to Firesupport Ltd and post it to us.
Paypal - incurrs 3.5% surcharge, we email you a quote and an address to send your money.
Bank Transfer we email you a quote and an bank details.

13. If you are considering buying a Gun, RIF or IF and fps is important (high or low) please add a comment to your order during the checkout process. We cannot guarantee fps of most brands as they vary between batches of production. 

14. T-Shirt Sizes comparison chart http://convertalot.com/clothing.html

15. Business types that we supply
      We supply to Airsofters, Reenactors, Museums, Film and Theatre Companies 

16. If you require a a different connector on your battery, please add it to your order and add a comment in the comment box toi say please fit connector to battery. We fit it free of charges.

17. New search facility, search for an item then click REFINE to alter your search.

18. If you want a battery with a particular type of connector (Deans or Tamiya), then add the connector you want to your order and in the comments of the order ask us to put the connector on the battery for you, we add £2 labour to the invoice total for doing the work.

19.Let us tell you when a product is back in stock "Click Add to Notify List"
We now have a system on the web site that you can request emailing when a product comes back in stock
For any out of stock product, click "Add to notify list"
To do this you will need to logon to your account or create an account
You will then be able to manage your notify list using the My Account link.
The system will email you when the product has been put back in stock

20. ICS Plastic and Metal Gun Differences

  • plastic version - the receiver is plastic
  • plastic version - you get 2 plastic hicap 300 rnd magaines instead of 1 metal 450 rnd amd 1 plastic 300 rnd magazine
  • plastic version the motor is an infinite 2000 instead of the turbo 3000 that is in the metal bodied gun. That does not mean the motor is no good as it was originally in the metal gun until they upgraded the motor in the metal gun.

21. Has my fuse blown?

Flat Fuse information


 22. Barrel Lengths

Found on http://airsoftgiforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1881&start=0

Thanks to CybeRoguE
Sec01 - Barrel Lengths by barrel manufacturer
099mm - M19 / KP8C / M23F / M29C (KWA)
105mm - CM030, G18c (TM)
110mm - MP5K (Systema)
112mm - USP (TM)
114mm - 1911/ G17 / G18 (KWA)
122mm - M93R (TM)
128mm - Skorpion (TM)
130mm - Mac-10, M34 (TM)
133mm - MK23 (TM)
140mm - MP5 PDW (Systema)
170mm - G3 SAS (TM)
182mm - MP7 (Deep Fire)
205mm - UMG / UMP (G&G)
215mm - MP7 Long (TM)
229mm - MP5, AKs-74u (JBU)
245mm - Uzi (TM)
247mm - G36C / P90 / SG552 (JBU) / G&P Sentry GP901
267mm - SCAR H (VFC)
273mm - M4 CQB (JBU)
275mm - SCAR CQB (VFC)
285mm - MC51 (Systema)
301mm - M1 Tommy / M733 (CA)
343mm - MP44 (AGM)
357mm - G36K (CA)
363mm - M4 / XM8 / SG511 / FN200 (Systema) / AK Beta Project / TM AK 102
384mm - SCAR Standard (CA)
407mm - M4 Plus (JBU)
422mm - M249 Saw (TN)
430mm - Bar 10 (DBC)
431mm - CA33 (CA)
433mm - Type 89 (Prometheus)
440mm - M14 Socom (JBU)
455mm - AK47 / SG-1 (JBU)
462mm - M324 (DBC)
469mm - CA G3 (DBC)
472mm - FAMAS (PDI)
490mm - MK96 / L96 (DBC)
494mm - G36 / SL8 (CA)
496mm - G3 (Systema)
499mm - APS2 (Madbull)
500mm - M14 (JBU)
510mm - M16 / Aug / L85 / SR25 / M249 Mk II (Madbull)
534mm - SG550 (Systema)
550mm - L86, M16 Plus (JBU)
590mm - PSG1 (DBC)
610mm - RPK (CA)
650mm - PSG1 Ext (DBC)
655mm - G96 (G&G)
AEG Barrel Length List
Found on http://www.airsoftgiforum.com/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=17592
Postby boredgunner on Tue May 24, 2011 5:19 pm
M16A1/M16A2/M16A3/M16A4 - 509mm
M4A1 - 363mm
M4A1 Commando/CQB - 280mm for CA, 300mm for ECHO 1
M733 - 300mm
M14 - 520mm for CA/G&G, 509mm for ECHO 1, 500mm for Tokyo Marui
M14 Scout/SOC16 - 463mm for CA/G&G, 455mm for ECHO 1, 440mm for Tokyo Marui
L85 A1/A2 - 509mm
AK-47 - 455mm
AK-47 Beta Spetsnaz/Beta F - 229mm
AK-74/AKS-74/AK-74M - 415mm
AK-74U/AKS-74U - 229mm
AK-102 - 363mm
AK Beta Project 363mm
SCAR-L - 380mm for VFC/ECHO 1, 384mm for CA
SCAR-L CQC - 275mm
SCAR-H - 267mm
G36E - 509mm
G36K - 355mm
G36C - 247mm
G&P Sentry 247mm
SIG SG-550 - 534mm
SIG SG-551 - 363mm for Tokyo Marui, 370mm for ICS
SIG SG-552 - 247mm for Tokyo Marui, 263mm for ICS
AUG-A1 - 509mm
AUG-A2 - 509mm
G3A3/G3A4/G3-SG1 - 469mm
G3 SAS - 208mm
MC-51 - 285mm
FN FAL - 550mm
FNC - 363mm
FAMAS - 472mm
TM Type 89/Type 89S - 437mm
TM PSG-1 590mm
Light Machine Guns
M249 - 509mm
M249 PARA - 455mm
Submachine Guns
P90 - 247mm
UMP - 205mm
MP5 - 229mm
MP5K PDW - 141mm
MP5K - 110mm
MP7A1 - 182mm
Uzi - 245mm
Vz.61 - 128mm

23. Gas Guns and the Cold. 

Please be aware that GBB pistols do not perform well in the cold winter months.
We make every effort to test them and only send them out if in perfect working order.
If your GBB pistol that you have just received from us does not perform please call us before doing anything.
You should keep the magazines warm and only shoot on single shot in the cold weather.